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Our soft set honey is produced on our farm near Tamworth, Staffordshire and is extracted using old fashioned techniques. This honey is predominantly from oil seed rape flowers which causes the honey to granulate quickly, to avoid this we carefully control the granulation process to produce a creamy smooth honey that has the same nutritional benefits as raw honey but without the granulation

Our soft set honey is produced from a mix of natural local flowers  but mainly oil seed rape it is light and creamy with a distinctive floral flavour. Please note that individual batches of honey differ as the bees forage on different flowers.

Track Your Honey

Traceability in honey is so important that’s why we go above and beyond regulations and add a batch number to every jar, as we only produce in small batches from a maximum of 6 hives at a time we can tell you pretty much exactly which hive your honey has come from, sometimes we even have single hive batches. If you want to know which hives your honey has come from, what flowers the bees had been collecting nectar from and how that hive did this season as well as other information please go to Track Your Honey!, enter your batch number and find out all about your honey straight away!


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