Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate social responsibility has become an increasingly important aspect of business success as it has been shown to improve brand perception and customer loyalty.

Pollinators and in particular honey bees are currently very popular with the public and receive large amounts of media coverage. This creates an opportunity for your business’s CSR strategy.

 Why sponsor a hive?

 As we have already said the public and more specifically your customers love bees, promoting your bee hive will help retain customers, generate positive publicity and gain new customers and opportunities.

 Sponsoring a hive generates the same benefits as owning a hive without the associated maintenance costs and risks associated with having beehives on site.

 What do you get and how much is it?

 You will get:

 ·        An image of your hive with your logo or chosen message on the front.

·        25 1oz (28g) jars of honey with your logo on the lid to give to your customers, suppliers, staff or to just keep for yourself! 

·        An update on your hive in April and September. In word format suitable for publication on your website or for use in press releases, includes images.


 ·        Extra 1oz (28g) Jars of honey with your logo can be provided at an additional cost of £0.50 each. (Other sizes available)

·        Opportunity for you to come and see your hive and get some pictures for press releases as you get some hands on time with your hive. £50 for two people.

·        Additional written update with images other than the two supplied in April and September as part of the basic package, £15 each.

  If you are interested in learning more about our sponsor a hive scheme, please do get in touch by email –