Environmental Impact

Minimising negative environmental impact has become a real focus in recent years with massive press coverage on our use of plastics and of course the well publicised loss of bees. We feel that there’s a number of things we can do, to do our bit!

  1. Minimising our use of plastic packaging – We don’t buy in any bubble wrap or use plastic tape, instead we will reuse any bubble wrap that our own purchases come in and we urge you to reuse it again. The tape we use is a biodegradable kraft tape that is strong but can be put in your paper recycling.
  2. Reusing Jars – If you want to help us do our bit then please feel free to bring back our glass jars to any of our markets or Planters Garden Centre, all we ask is that you remove the label. Although our glass jars can be recycled reforming glass is a high energy process so reusing is the better alternative
  3. Not over stocking bees – We keep bees and that sounds like it would be good for the environment and it is, however what we don’t want to happen is our bees use up the limited food resources in an area and leave solitary bees and bumble bees without food. We carefully manage the number of hives in an area depending on forage available and the season.

We hope that you will help and support us with our environmental impact by recycling or reusing any products or packaging that you might get from us.

For specific questions on our environmental impact please contact us – here