Empty 8oz Hexagonal Jar




15 x 190ml Hexagonal jars are popular packaging for honey, jams, preserves, marmalade’s, spices, herbs, chutneys and much more.

These are the jars we use for our honey, they hold 227g honey.

  • Hexagonal Jar with Gold 58mm Twist off caps included.
  • This Jar is 190ml  (Brimful capacity of 190ml).

For orders over 6 Packs please get in touch – here


Inc. Vat
1 Pack of 15 – 45p per Jar
2+ Packs of 15 – 39p per Jar

Technical Details

Description Hexagonal Jars (190ml)
Capacity 190ml
Material Glass
Colour Flint
Neck Finish 58mm
Height 89mm
Weight 179g
Diameter 72.5mm
Dimensions (AC) 69.7mm (AF) 60.5mm

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg


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