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We know lot’s of you love our honey and go through it very quickly so we’ve decided to make it easier than ever for you.

Simply choose which type of honey you want, how often you want to receive it and that’s it. You’ll receive a jar of our honey automatically.

Choosing ‘Surprise me!’ will mean you end up with a nice surprise, It might be any of our current types and flavours or it could be a new flavour we are trialling, If you find there is one you particularly like you can always change your subscription over to just that type of honey.

If you can’t find a package to suit you or you want a specific mix of honey just get in touch – here and we will sort out a custom subscription just for you!


You will be charged postage for each subsequent jar of honey automatically as part of the billing cycle.

Please note that you can cancel your subscription at anytime either through our login area or via paypal or your bank directly.



Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Honey Type

Runny Honey, Soft Set, Turmeric Infused, Cinnamon Infused, Surprise Me!

How Often Do You Want To Receive Your Honey?

Every Two Weeks, Once A Month, Every 3 months

How Long Do You Want The Subscription To Run For?

Until I cancel, 6 Months, 1 Year


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