Limited Edition Runny Honey – Label Competition Winner 2021


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This brilliant label was desined by 10 year old Sophie from Dordon, we love the dripping honey and the big Union Jack. We’re really proud to be producing delicious British honey so this label is perfect to show that off!

Our honey is produced on our farm near Tamworth, Staffordshire and is extracted using old fashioned techniques. These techniques ensure the honey is never heated or processed in a way which alters the flavour which means you can enjoy your honey the way our bees intended.

Our honey is produced from a mix of natural local flowers and is light and runny with a distinctive floral flavour. Please note that individual batches of honey differ as the bees forage on different flowers.

Honey can granulate, if this happens just sit the jar in warm water and it will return to a runny state.

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