Honey Extraction and Jarring Services

Honey extraction is a time consuming and messy job, it seems no matter what you do every surface and object is sticky by the end of it. There is also the cost aspect of honey extracting, some of the kit equipment can be quite expensive and takes up lots of storage space considering it only gets used a couple of times per year!

If you don’t want the mess and up front cost of buying your own honey extracting equipment then get in touch with us, we offer a honey extraction service. There are two options, either hiring our 5* food hygiene rated extraction room per hour for you to extract the honey yourself or by paying per super for us to extract your honey into buckets. If you haven’t got the time to fill all your jars then we can help with that as well! You can see more about our purpose built honey room in our blog – here

Hiring Our Honey Room

Our honey room is equipped with a warm room, 1m uncapping tank, 20 frame radial honey extractor, 100l settling tank, 25kg jarring tank with clean cut valve and tipping stand, high quality calibrated scales for jarring and another set of scales for weighing bulk honey and supers up to 30kg, a commercial glass washer and two sinks, as well as all the other tools needed for honey extracting.

The room costs £20 per hour to hire which includes a brief lesson on how to use the extractor, dishwasher, scales and uncapping tank as well as certain food safety procedures. You can either supply your own buckets or buy them off us for £3 each.

You don’t need to clean the equipment when you are finished, we charge a £20 cleaning fee to each booking so we will do all the cleaning after you are finished! It couldn’t be easier, you turn up extract your honey and then take it away, as simple as that!

Full Service Honey Extraction

We know lots of people who like keeping bees but don’t like actually extracting honey or maybe don’t have the time to! If that’s you then this service could be what you are looking for, simply drop your supers off with us and come back later that day (possibly the next day depending on how busy we are) to collect the buckets of honey! If you don’t have time to drop the supers off then we can collect and deliver for 40p per mile from B78 2EY. When you come to collect/get your empty supers and honey delivered we will provide you with a rough figure for the weight of honey extracted from each individual super.

We charge per super which is £8 if you leave the wax or £10 if you want to take the wax away. Your honey will be strained into a bucket which you can supply yourself or buy from us for £3 each. If you do want to take the wax home with you then you will need a second bucket. If you want to collect your honey in jars then see below!

Jarring Service

Jarring like extracting can be a messy job especially without the correct equipment! We offer a jarring service, this can be from honey extracted at home or in our honey room through either of our extraction services. We charge 25p per jar to fill plus the cost of the jar. You can either bring your own jars of any size or buy 8oz hex jars off us for 35p each. We can offer discounts on larger volumes so please get in touch.

If you would also like your jars labeled we can do this for an additional 5p per jar for up to 2 labels per jar. We do not supply labels so they need to be provided to use prior to this service.

Please fill in the form below for any of our extracting or jarring services and we will get back to you as soon as possible!