Honey Packing Services

Honey jarring can be a messy and slow job, especially if you don’t have the correct equipment. We are able to pack any shape or size of container you might want!

We offer support from initial start up with label regulation guidance and in house label design through to advise on the best honeys for your chosen market through to filling the jar and fulfilment to your warehouse, retailers or end customers.

We have a minimum order of 100 jars which can be filled with our own honey, honey you have sourced or that we have sourced specifically on your behalf through our network of bulk honey providers. We can process all types of Bulk Container from Buckets to 300kg Drums

We can also help you to source jars through our glassware suppliers as well as labels which we can have printed for you.

We will collect and keep all information such as the water content of the honey and temperature checks throughout the warming process to ensure they honey has been treated properly. We will also provide you with the check weight information required by Trading Standards to confirm the batch weight matches your label


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