Looking for a new honey supplier? Become a Holt Hall Apiary Stockist!

Why Choose Holt Hall Apiary?

  • Our jars are filled with the finest quality British Honey, all of it is produced around Warwickshire and Staffordshire and we do everything to make sure it’s a premium product!
  • Our Infused honeys are a great way to encourage multi buys and add a bit of interest to the honey shelf! If you already have a supplier of local plain honey why not expand the range with our infused honeys
  • Continuity, unlike buying from smaller beekeepers we can assure you we won’t run out of stock, we can supply year round so you don’t let your customers down and lose valuable sales!
  • We love working with our stockists and will come and do meet the supplier days, virtual talks and videos for your social media. We will also check up on you regularly to change over any runny honey that has naturally set and to provide you with point of sale about our honeys
  • Our customers, we have built up a following and now have over 1000 people on Facebook, 1,100 on Instagram and over 200 receiving our newsletter each month. We can advertise you as a stockist and push our customers to you!
  • Our minimum Initial order is just 30 jars and then a minimum top up of 15 jars, we know you’ll sell them in no time!

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