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A Quick Update About The Bees!

Hi all, this is just going to be a quick update about how our bees are getting on and what we’ve been up to. I’ll cover quite a few topics and then hopefully in the coming few weeks I’ll write about each one in a little more depth.

How Are The Bees Doing?

Besides the cold spell in the last week the bees have been doing very well and very far ahead of where they were last year! The Oil Seed Rape (OSR) is almost in full flower and once the temperature gets high enough for them to make use of it they will get very busy indeed! Last week on a sunny day I went to check on the bees and parked between the bees and the field of OSR it was like sitting in the middle of a motorway with a constant stream of bees hurriedly flying between the flowers and the hives, possibly the busiest I’ve ever seen them!

As the hives are ahead of schedule and there is now males (Drones) in the hives (as you will know from our post: Back To Basics:The Bees drones don’t live through the winter). This means we have been able to start queen rearing, that is the selective breeding of queen bees to make up new colonies. This can be quite a complicated job so possibly in the next post I will show you all lots of pictures and explain the process.

So, Have I Been As Busy As The Bees!?

The last few weeks have been busy for us, we are busy renovating an old barn into a brand new extracting facility. There’s lots of new bits of equipment and tools which I will do a post on and showing the transformation between what it looked like before we started to how it will be when it is finished sometime over the next two weeks!

Farmers Markets are also becoming a big focus and we now do 3 different ones a month. On the first Thursday of the month we do Lichfield Farmers Market, unfortunately this month (our first month there) was a bit of a wash out but we’re feeling positive and will be back next month! Today (second Sunday of the month) we are at Buzzards Valley Artisan Market so make sure you pop down and get some Easter presents we take all our products with us, you can see the range – here. Our newest market and we haven’t been to this one yet is Market Bosworth Farmers Market on the 4th Sunday of every month!

Thank You For Reading!

Thank you for reading this very quick update on what we are up to, we will be writing a couple more in depth beekeeping posts over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for this and as usual if you do want to get an email when we post then please sign up below.

Thank you

Matthew Ingram

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