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Feeling Festive… Already!

Well November is here and I have to admit I’m already starting to feel festive! As the weather goes cooler the jobs outside with the bees comes to an end and office and honey room jobs take over!

I like to be continually trying new ideas and working on new products, this month has seen the launch of our two festive products. It’s the first time I have tried a seasonal product and already I’ve been very well supported so I need to thank you all for your support!

Our first release was our gift hamper, I’m really excited about this one as it highlights our most popular items and comes with an information sheet about us, our bees and the items in the hamper. We even have a Christmas bee on the packaging.. whats not to love! To help those stuck in a lockdown area we can send it in the post directly to the gift recipient with a message if you tell us at checkout at no extra cost! If you’re interested in getting one of our hampers they’re available – HERE

Move the slider to see both of our hamper designs!

Our second new product launch was our Festive Spiced Honey. We have infused our runny honey with a warming blend of spices; nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves to name a few. The honey smells and tastes of christmas and has quickly become my favourite of our flvaoured honeys, this is limited edition and will only be running until December! Its available – Here

Away from the new products I’ve spent a few days this past week cleaning down the honey room for the winter. All of the honey processing is finished other than jarring which we do as and when we need to. All of the equipment is scrubbed clean to remove the honey and wax which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Honey can be cleaned much quicker with warm water but the warm water melts the wax and coats the equipment which makes it a nightmare to clean.

The most difficult piece of equipment to clean is the wax melter… as the name suggests its designed to melt wax which means getting the melted wax off again is quite a challenge. This time I tried a different approach, I filled the melter up with hot water and left it to raise the temperature so the wax melted and floated to the top of the water where it then set when I turned the machine off. Certainly saved me lots of scraping! The honey room is now back to looking as good as new after its busy season extracting over 2tons of honey!

This month’s Markets, please do come along and support ourselves and fellow market traders!

  • Buzzards Valley Artisan Market – Buzzards Valley B78 3EQ – 8th November 10am – 2pm
  • The Open Air Country Fair (Christmas Market!) – The Horse and Jockey WS14 9JE – 21 & 22nd November 10am – 3:30pm
  • Market Bosworth Farmers Market – Market Bosworth main square – 22nd Novemebr 9am – 1:30pm

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Matthew Ingram
Holt Hall Apiary

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1 thought on “Feeling Festive… Already!

  1. Always an interesting read Matthew.
    Cleaning all the equipment looks like a lovely job!
    The end results are certainly worth all the effort.
    Thank you and the bees!

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