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Finally February!

Sitting back to write this blog I started like I always do by looking through my phone for photos I’ve taken. January seems to have been an incredibly long month, and I’m not usually one to be wishing time to go by!

Earlier this month we treated our bees with something called Oxalic Acid. This scary sounding compound is actually organic and is what makes Rhubarb leaves poisonous. We use it as a way to kill off Varroa mite a tiny mite that lives on Honey bees. Left to their own devices they can have a real impact on the bees health eventually killing off the hive in many cases. January treatment is ideal because the bees have very little brood so the mite are all exposed when we trickle the syrup mixed with Oxalic acid down over them.

Honey Jarring

Much of the past few weeks seems to have been taken up with Jarring Honey. As well as our own jarring we have also had honey to do for another brand we work with. Around 1,800 jars for them so it’s kept us busy during the past week or so!

What’s really interesting with packing for other brands is getting to taste honey from all around the UK. It gives you a real appreciation for just how amazing honey is!

Lots of jars just in!

New Products!!

This month we have had an influx of new products come in with our brand new soaps from Soaplantables a company that makes natural goat milk soaps with an amazing label that can be planted to grow wildflower seeds! The Lavender is certainly a favourite of mine!

One of our other new products you may have already seen on our social media and that’s these beautiful Valentines day honeys!

Our New Look

I’m sure many of you will have noticed since January our website has started changing somewhat!

I’m really excited that Angie, our new Graphics designer is helping us to really bring the brand to life by showing off what we want to bee! An independent bee farm producing Great British Honey! I think showing our story is a really important thing to do so that you, our customers can see exactly where your honey is from and more importantly how it got to you!

We want to make sure we get it right so if you have any feedback over changes we’ve made I’d love to hear from you so that we know our customers are happy!

Thank you all for reading this month’s blog, hopefully you’ve enjoyed finding out what we have got going on and what we have been busy doing!

This month our only market is Market Bosworth on the 27th February so we hope to see you there!

Matthew Ingram
Holt Hall Apiary

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