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The bees are coming home!

The start of October has certainly seen a shift in the weather and it really does feel like we are in autumn now! The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping overnight and unfortunately for the first time in about two years I have got a cold. This month has been a bit of a mix of jobs but focussing heavily on our new honey room and getting the bees moved to their winter sites and fed.

The not quite finished room!

The new honey room isn’t quite done just yet but it’s coming on nicely! We are now only waiting on the door (A rather important part!) and the heaters which hopefully will be done in the next two weeks! The new honey room connects into our old room and is going to allow us to process far more honey, both for ourselves and for our packing and own label customers.

Our major bottle neck in processing has been warming large amounts of honey, the new room has two built in warming areas that can both warm two pallets at a time which would be over a ton of honey in each one! The other major advantage to the room is storage space that’s something we have struggled with in the past so it’s great to be able to move around in there properly without tripping over!

As well as building the new room we have been busy getting the bees moved! Almost all of our bees are now at their winter sites. Most beekeepers don’t move their bees for winter however I find it really helps me keep on top of jobs and save fuel when I can go to one or two sites and feed all of the bees in one go rather than driving around.

The bees were moved back from the heather moors now it has gone over and we are really pleased with the amount of honey produced this year, now its just the mammoth task of getting it ready for our customers to enjoy! Unlike our jarred honey we produce comb honey from the heather which takes quite a lot more time to get right, but the end result does look amazing!

This month we are a bit quieter on the market front but remember all of our honeys are available at our stockists which can be found – HERE or directly from us via our website

23rd & 24th October – Open Air Country Fair, Planters Garden Centre 10am – 3:30pm
24th October – Market Bosworth Farmers Market, 9am – 1:30pm

Thank you all for reading our blog, I’m hoping as winter arrives and I get more time I will be able to share more with you and show you some more of our honey room and spring prep!

Matthew Ingram
Holt Hall Apiary

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