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Queen rearing is a fascinating part of beekeeping and an essential skill for anyone looking to become a self sufficient and stop buying in queens each season, suitable for anyone wanting to produce a few queens a year to those wanting to produce queens in large quantities.

There are many different ways to raises queens and we will briefly look at different methods but the method we use ourselves to produce several hundred queens per season will be taught in detail. The courses cover a number of important topics and skills so that those leaving feel confident they can raise good quality queens themselves.

For 2021 we will be running one course on the 5th June, If we find the course becomes over subscribed we will put on another date.

The course cover the following topics and runs from 10am until 3pm

  • Assessing colonies and deciding which to raise queens from.
  • Selection criteria and recording.
  • Equipment required – buying and making.
  • Drone production.
  • Q/C raising colonies.
  • Grafting (Practical).
  • Making up and managing queen mating colonies and nuclei. (Practical).
  • Clipping and marking queens. (Practical).
  • Queen introduction and banking.

A light lunch and teas and coffees will be provided.

Max of 5 people per session

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